…me, well we!…I’m JR or Zé de Jesus! My nickname “Zé de Jesus” came from a Protestant friend who was a cooker in a hot dog fast foodwhere almost every day, my friends and I worshiped whem we was teenagers. One day he called me so, I picked up and here I am. Well my story I can not even count, not the Internet, it is too public and I’m still not so say … ready to expose myself so much. I love to smile and live happily no matter what happens (this is the hard part … hehe). I’m Catholic, Honest and I play some musical instruments … okay. Paula, my love and I, this year we living in Ireland. What I can tell you more is that I created this site in January 2003, nowadays it has more them 14 thousand photos. Huge data for all family and friends! Enjoy it!